Pakistan Engineering Corporation comprises of:


Heavy Mechanical Complex Ltd (HMC):

HMC is based in Taxila. The company has the capability of designing and manufacturing of:
Sugar Mills (1,500 – 12,000 tons of capacity per day)
Portland Cement Plants (700-5,500 tons per day)
White Cement Plants (50 to 1,000 tons per day)
Construction machinery

HMC also manufactures equipment for hydro-electric power plants, thermal power plants, sulphuric acid production plants,
Oil & gas processing plants, chemical & petro-chemical plants and Railway equipment.


Heavy Electrical Complex (HEC):

Situated at the Hattar Industrial Estate, District Haripur has been established with technical & financial assistance of China to produce power transformers. It has the capacity to produce 150 power transformers between 6.3 MVA to 40 MVA, voltage 66kv and 132KV.


Pakistan Machine Tool Factory (PMTF):

PMTF is a precision engineering facility, located in Karachi, it was established in 1969with collaboration of Oerlikon Buhrle of Switzerland. The company has three distinct product lines i) Machine Tools, ii) Automobile Transmission Components and iii) Die-Cast parts.
The company manufactures centre lathes, milling machines, turret milling, boring milling machines, automotive parts, it also has facility for tool designing and tool making.


Pakistan Engineering Company (PECO):

PECO is based in Lahore and produces a variety of products such as concrete mixers, electric motors, irrigation pumps, power looms, bicycles, steel towers for transmission of high voltage Electricity, rolled products, steel ingots, cranes, safes & strong room doors, lathes etc.


ENAR Petrotech Services

ENAR is a multi disciplinary engineering and consultancy firm, which was established in 1974 and is situated in Karachi. It provides engineering and project management services.


Below is a list of Countries and products, which Pakistan State Engineering corporation has exported in the past.

Country of Export
Product exported
Afghanistan Transmission line towers
Australia Tractor Components
Bahrain Machine Tools
Centrifugal/ Turbine pumps
Electric Motors
Electric Pumping Sets & Spares
Bangladesh Natore Sugar Mills 1500 tcd
Pabna Sugar Mills 1500tcd
65 T/Hr Clinker Grinding & Packing Plant
Boilers 10 T/Hr capacity
EOT Cranes 10 tons & 3 tons
Concrete Mixer
Machine Tools
H.S.D/ S.S.D. Engines
Centrifugal/ Turbine Pumps
Electric Motor
Power Looms
Bowl Assembly for Turbine pumps
China Wire Rods, plain/ deformed & Tor Steel Bars
Steel Structures
England Pak Gilbos H.S. Manual Cone Winders
Ghana Centrifugal Pumps
EOT Cranes (1 – 1.5 Ton capacity)
Hong Kong Accessories for lathe Machines
India Tor Steel Bars
Indonesia Subang Sugar Mills 3000 tcd
Iran Sectional Steel
Power Looms
G.I. Pipes
Sectional Warping Machines
Concertina barbed Wire
Iraq Machine Tools
Bicycles & Spares
Diesel Engines
Kenya Pumping Sets
Spares for Looms
Asphalt Mixing Plant
Tractor Components
Kuwait Machine Tools
Bicycles & Spares
Diesel Engines
Muscat Machine Tools
Myanmar Electric & HSD Engine driven Pumps
Nigeria Machine Tools
Oman Machine Tools
Saudi Arabia Machine Tools
HSD Engines
Centrifugal Pumps
Turbine Pumps
Shaping Machine
Sudan Centrifugal Pumps
Sugar Mills – equipment & componenets
Switzerland Machine Tools
Power Looms
Sri Lanka Dam Gates
Tractor Components
Tanzania Machine Tools
Turkey Machine Tools
United Arab Emirates Machine Tools
Electric Motors
Wire Rods, plain/deformed & Tor Steel Bars
Uganda Road Rollers
Yemen Machine Tools
Zimbabwe Diesel Engines
Machine Tools
Electric Motors